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Greetings Fellow Authors and Writers; I believe we need a new method to market books, which are either self-published, eBooks or published with major publishers. I believe that in may past entrepreneurial efforts I learned a thing or two about grass roots marketing which can be applied to book marketing as well to literally zoom in on your target market.

Now my plan is not completed yet, however enough is in place that I can briefly describe it to you. Each city in the United States would have authors who were on Blitz Marketing Teams and they would promote their own books and books of relevance from other authors in other regions in the main club.

These authors would all give out coupons and flyers which would direct the readers in reader clubs and such to go to a website. Each flyer would be paid for by local bookstores who would fund the expenses and the flyers themselves. Co-op advertising since one side of the flyer would advertise the bookstore and a readers group and the other side the website listing all the books that each author has written.

The Bonzai and Blitz teams or 4-6 authors in each town would have a mission statement to promote literacy and market books to help the writers. On the website would be links to eBooks and regular books written by the authors in the club or their own websites. This is the basics of the idea so far. Consider all this in 2006.

Lance Winslow

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