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Spring Flowers

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Spring is a wonderful and exciting season, with fresh and delightful flowers everywhere. A season boosting the spirit with new signs of life everywhere, spring is welcomed with wholehearted joy.

The first spring flowers are symbolic of new beginnings after a long winter season. These flowers usually spring from the ground that is still frozen and may even bloom before the snow melts. Such flowers welcome the spring season and are considered special. Daffodils, the narcissus with white and yellow flowers and the hyacinths with small blue-colored flowers are among the early spring flowers. Other flowers of the season include the long-lasting tulips and irises, cherry blossoms, poppies, roses, violets, forsythia, amaryllis, cyclamens, freesias, lilies, chrysanthemums, sunflowers, and asters.

Spring flowers enhance the beauty of the landscape with their different shades, shapes, and attractive colors, which vary from white to violet. Most spring flowers have a pleasant smell. Many spring flowers are grown from bulbs. These bulbs are placed in holes with the pointed ends upwards and then covered and watered. If the climate is too cold, the bulbs can be protected using mulch, which is kept over the bulbs.

Spring flowers are refreshing as they brighten one’s day with colors and hopes. They are messengers of warmth, pleasure, love, and care. Spring flowers are well suited as gifts for anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, Mother’s Day celebrations, Easter, and bridal events.

Spring flowers make attractive centerpieces for tables and rooms. Bridal bouquets can be prepared with them. There are a number of online florists and flower shops that provide fresh spring flowers and spring flower baskets.

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