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Tax Deductions

  • Posted January 12, 2007
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Tax deductions signify the amount deducted from a person’s gross income so as to reduce the taxable income. The basic standard deduction depends on the individual’s tax return filing status. The taxpayer need not pay income tax on expenses termed tax deductible. Expenses such as legal fees, medical expenses, donations, and investments are sometimes listed as tax-deductible expenses. Although investments are tax deductible, the brokerage fees and commissions paid are not considered so. Apart from the basic standard deduction, additional tax deductions can be filed, after taking conditions such as age and blindness into consideration.

Tax deductions are aimed at encouraging positive initiatives such as philanthropic spending, entrepreneurship, home ownership, education, and environmental protection. However, these deductions may at times be utilized for tax evasion. There are instances of wealthy persons and big firms manipulating the deduction structure in their favor. They often escape paying large amounts of tax by projecting their operational expenses as being spent on tax-deductible purposes. Companies usually enjoy a wide range of tax deductions. Since only their incomes are taxed, companies separate their expenses from the revenues in the accounts. The expenses which have been proved to be made purely for business purposes are then considered for tax deductions.

The increasing number of the types of tax deductions and amendments in the United States over the years has led to too much complexity. This has led to a call for simplification of the tax structure. All the deductions permitted by the federal government are also granted by the state governments. These state governments in turn implement additional tax deductible expenditures depending on their individual tax structures. Although tax deductions are implemented to encourage social services and investments, they are not applicable for every citizen. An individual earning an income of more than $130,000 per year cannot enjoy the benefits of deductions.

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