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The Secret Self Defense Tactic That Lets You Win Ground Fights Without Fighting

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It’s pretty much common knowledge that the majority of fights eventually end up on the ground.

But what’s not so well known and obvious is this almost fool-proof way to win a ground fight without needing to know a lot of moves or techniques — and that works regardless of your size, strength and power.

Listen to this:

If you’ve ever been in a ground fight then you know it can tire you out very quickly, both mentally and emotionally.

It’s just one of the most physically grueling activities in the world. In fact, it’s been said six minutes of wrestling is the equivalent of running a short marathon as far as how exhausting it can be on the human body.

And unless you are some kind of super athlete with tremendous endurance, this is why the first thing you must do in a ground fight…is relax.

Fact is, you can give yourself an enormous advantage in a ground fight simply by putting yourself in a position where you can rest while emotionally and physically draining your attacker.

And that’s why, if you find yourself in a fight on the ground, don’t panic, don’t struggle and don’t try to out fight the other guy.

Instead, relax, stay off your back and let your attacker wear himself out. Doing so will allow you to take advantage of his fatigue and win the fight with minimal strain and injury.

Sifu Matt Numrich is one of only a few instructors with Full Certification in Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, and also the Filipino Martial Arts. His students include everyone from Federal Air Marshals and military elites…to small children and 65-year old ladies. Matt also offers free weekly street-fighting lessons by email at

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