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IRS Problems

  • Posted January 12, 2007
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The IRS, or the Internal Revenue Service, is a tax collection and tax-law enforcement agency that is a part of the US Department of the Treasury. Barring a small minority of intentional tax evaders, most taxpayers pay their taxes punctually, correctly, and honestly. Despite honest intentions, problems do arise. This may be due to incorrect reporting, or incorrect calculations leading to underpayments or overpayments. The IRS does not take these lapses kindly. There are harsh penalties and fines in store for tax evaders and those who have underpaid their taxes.

While penalties for tax evaders make sense, there are circumstances when an honest tax payer finds himself at the receiving end of the ire of the IRS. The person may not have interpreted the tax laws correctly, and in the process paid taxes more than the amount that was actually required. Getting a refund from the agency is not an easy task, and it might take a lot of time and struggle before the money is actually refunded.

Then, there may be the problems of incorrect entries made by the IRS. The agency may have made a mistake in entering the liabilities in their records. So a person, if he is not alert, may find himself in for a long struggle, and that too for no mistake on his part.

The IRS had been entrusted with strong powers to deal with tax evaders. As said, all cases of non-payment may not be intentional. As a taxpayer, you need to be aware of your rights and be ready to fight for them if you are sure that you are not a defaulter.

You should try to be familiar with the tax laws. Otherwise, in case of dire situations, you can consult a tax law firm. It will charge you a fee in accordance with the seriousness of your case. Yet, if your finances are in order, your case will be resolved amicably.

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