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Home Cure For Acne

  • Posted January 12, 2007
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Discovering a home cure for acne could be just what you need to get clear skin once again. Natural remedies are free from harmful side effects that may further add to the problem. Vitamins, antioxidants, exercise, and a healthy diet are some of the most successful home remedies for acne.

Knowing and understanding what causes your skin to break out is a good first step in determining what treatment options might work for you. Your skin secretes sebum, which is the natural oil that is produced by the sebaceous glands in order to keep your skin moisturized. This oil should escape through the pores, but when they become blocked the oil will build up and breed with bacteria beneath the skin’s surface.

The resulting infection is what we all know as acne. For some people, this will clear up on its own. Unfortunately for most of us, we are in search of an effective prescription treatment or home treatment for acne.

A dermatologist may prescribe an oral antibiotic or a topical medication. These may effectively get rid of the breakouts, but most will cause some side effects. Benzoyl peroxide, which can be found in Clearasil, PanOxyl, and Oxy 5 among many other popular treatments, has painful side effects such as painful burning and swelling. Laser treatment is one of the newer options for getting rid of acne. This procedure is done using a yellow light to destroy the bacteria that is naturally found beneath the skin. When this factor is not present, acne can not form. The downside is that the long-term effects have not been determined and could be dangerous. An alternative to expensive prescriptions and harsh over the counter medicines is using a home cure for acne.

Oftentimes, using a home treatment for acne can be just as effective, but without all of the possible side effects. A healthy diet will keep your body in top shape so that it is able to fight the infection. Stress causes the sebaceous glands to produce excess amounts of oil. Daily exercise can be relaxing and stress relieving. Vitamins and antioxidants, such as Vitamins C and E reduce the cell damage that is caused by acne, boost your immunity, and control infections. Taking vitamins, eating healthy, and exercising regularly are effective home remedies for acne that are beneficial without any risks.

Visit your dermatologist to go over your options for treating blemished skin. Although more serious cases often need to be treated with harsh prescription medications or surgical procedures, a home cure for acne just might work in your case.

David Bloom is an avid health enthusiast and a regular contributor to a variety of health websites. He is the author of Home Cure For Acne, a blog dedicated to the treatment of acne, covering conventional and natural remedies for clearing up blemished skin.

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