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Compare Portable DVD Players

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There are numerous portable DVD players in the market. The major companies in this industry are Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, Philips, Samsung, Coby, and GoVideo. These companies largely cater to the high-priced segment of the market, though they also have models that come under the cheap portable DVD players segment. The lower-priced segment is dominated by models from Mustek, Coby, Astar, CyberHome, and Audiovox.

Currently, the most popular and fast-moving models are the Panasonic DVD LS-90, Philips PET 1000/37, Sony DVP-FX705, Coby TF-DVD500, GoVideo DP7240, and the Samsung DVD-L1200. A few models are compared below.

The Panasonic DVD LS-90 has a wide nine-inch screen that makes the viewing experience even better. But it’s pricey at around $400. The battery provides an impressive six hours. The player can double up for the home. The Philips PET 1000/37 has a sleek look, black finish, and a high resolution 10.2″ LCD screen. The battery life at two and one-half hours compares with the industry average.

With its chic look, the Sony DVP-FX705 comes with the usual style that characterizes Sony products. This model has a seven-inch screen and allows up to three hours of continuous viewing. It’s light weight at one and one-half pounds without the battery and supports most media formats. The Samsung DVD-L1200 is heavier at 3.3 pounds but provides a wonderful viewing experience with a twelve-inch LCD screen. The model is skinny, yet allows three-way sharing. A host of additional features makes this a top model among portable DVD players.

The GoVideo and Coby models are in the lower- to medium-price category of $150 to $250. However, the former has a wider screen at seven inches compared to Coby’s three and one-half inches. Both have comparable features except that the Coby model has a small form factor while the GoVideo model has the conventional sleek black finish.

While comparing portable DVD players assists in making an informed buying decision, the key for a buyer would be to prioritize the features in relation to their prices since better and more features come at increasingly higher prices.

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