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Throughout history, man has invented tools and devices to make their daily tasks easier. Things that we take for granted today, such as paper, electricity, indoor plumbing and just about every item found in our lives had to be invented by someone. Most inventions hold a large importance in our daily lives yet others become obsolete and unimportant.

You may look around and believe that there is nothing new to invent. But the reality is, people come up with new ideas all the time. Before DVD’s became popular, could we picture what life would be like without them? A DVD has a sharper images and allows for a higher quality viewing experience; yet, in a few years, DVD’s will become obsolete, just as the video tape has. Can you imagine what kind of technology will be around then? I’m sure that there are inventers out there working on it now.

If you have an idea for an invention, you can either build and design it yourself, or approach a company to do it for you. The downside of having a company build and design it, is that they may file the patent, and you won’t have a claim to the profits. However, you may not have the resources to utilize the idea if it is too vast an undertaking for an individual.

If you do manage to develop a design, you will need to make sure it hasn’t already been invented. If your research indicates that your idea is truly unique, then you can file the patent with the U.S. Patent Office. After that, it is up to you to figure out what to do with the idea.

Although it may seem like everything we need has been invented, capitalizing on a unique idea is still possible. All you need to do is build an example on your idea and then obtain a patent. This process can be tedious, but well worth it if your idea is truly unique.

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