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Florida Time Share Resales

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Timeshare vacations are cost-effective and wonderful holiday options. The timeshare ownership in a vacation condominium could be deeded or right-to-use. With the fixed and floating week arrangements comes freedom and variety.

The variable factors in a resort timeshare price are location, season, rating and amenities of the resort. Resort Condominiums International (RCI) and Interval International (II) are two exchange networks with global affiliations that offer the timeshare owners the choice of exchanging among resorts.

Timeshare resale is advantageous since the previous owner paid for most of the administrative and marketing costs incurred during the initial sale of the property. There is often a savings of nearly fifty percent.

There are pros and cons to timeshare resale. The obvious advantage is the reduced price and escape from aggressive sales promotions. But resale can be quite difficult, and one needs to be wary of fraudulent companies and scams. One must also study the property thoroughly before buying; it must be free from legal hassles and hidden expenses, and it is important to receive the same benefits on resale. For the best deal, research is the key word. It is imperative you know everything about your ownership and possess all required documents. It is hard to recover what you spent initially. Typically, resales are successful only at lower prices. It is always safer to buy from licensed companies or brokers. Other resale options are classified ads, auctions and talking to other owners.

Florida being a dream destination, it is only natural that the timeshare industry is booming in the Sunshine State. Culturally diverse cities, wondrous theme parks, sun-drenched beaches, exotic wildlife, a sports haven, exciting nightlife and other attractive features make this an ideal breeding ground for successful timeshare vacations.

Famous resorts like Marriott, Hilton, Four Seasons and Disney offer Florida timeshare resales. There are also clubs at Palm Springs, Kissimmee, Orlando and Daytona Beach; golfing getaways, timeshare resorts at Key West and Miami, and many more gold-crown and five-star resorts. For senior citizens looking to retire or enjoy an affordable luxury, Florida timeshare resales certainly serve the purpose.

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