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The Two Grip Approach

  • Posted January 14, 2007
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I recently heard a golf announcer mention the fact that most great wedge players have strong grips. It follows that a more neutral grip is is better for longer clubs.

Phil Mickelson won the 2006 Masters using two drivers. My personal opinion is that it was almost genius for him. For you and me, it would be a boneheaded thing to do.

But what we can do is use two different grips. A neutral grip for longer clubs and a stronger grip for the short irons and wedges.

It’s a fair bet that you remember a lot of days when your driving was fantastic and you couldn’t hit a green. Or when you were hitting your irons good but couldn’t catch a drive.

Next time you are having one of those days, make an adjustment to your grip accordingly. Here’s how.

If you are driving well but missing your short irons, strengthen your grip a bit with the short irons.

If you are hitting your short irons well but can’t hit a driver, weaken your grip a bit on the longer shots.

Consider longer clubs the six iron up through the driver. Short clubs are 8 through the wedges.

While a grip adjustment during the round may help you save a shot or two, you should also consider making the the two grip approach a part of your game.

You may find improved consistency with both your short and long clubs by using different grips for each.

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