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The Most Cost-Efficient Way To Reach Prospects

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Telemarketing is still, dollar for dollar, one of the most cost-efficient means of advertising. Why dread it?

I know, I know. There’s so much rejection. But if you made all your decisions in life based on the number of rejections you received you’d probably never leave the house. You can thank me later for that slap in the face.

Think about it. We are all rejected daily in some form or another. Especially if you own or manage a business. Do all your customers buy the same menu item, or the same book? That new store sign you purchased last month, did everyone who does business with you compliment you on it? Probably not.

While not an outright rejection, subtle forms of rejection can still take their toll on our egos – if we let them. Don’t! Don’t even let the blatant ones get you down. The only sure way to success is to hit rejection dead on.

Cold calling is difficult, but necessary. This is especially true for new start ups. How are you going to let people know you are in business? Whether you visit your potential customers by going door to door or calling them on the phone, you are bound to hear the word “No” often. Some of them will sound harsh. But that’s OK. Not everyone is going to be interested. Start the day ready to accept it and look for those yeses. They’re out there too.

One sure way to defeat your sales efforts before you get started is to dwell on the negative. Resist that temptation. Be enthusiastic. It rubs off. If you are enthusiastic about your business then others will be and you will hear fewer nos.

When you make your call, start off letting your prospects know who you are. Introduce yourself and your company before you do anything else. Then tell them why you are calling. You have less than ten seconds to get their attention. Make it count.

Be polite. Even if the prospect is rude. They may not be interested today but if you are polite and treat them with respect they will remember that. Be rude, even slightly, and they will remember that even more!

So what do you do if you do get a “No.” Try to find out why the prospect isn’t interested. This is real easy. Just ask.

“Mr. Johnson, why wouldn’t you want to try our new cherry-flavored mouthwash guaranteed to cure gingivitis the first time you use it?” You’ll be amazed how honestly people will answer your question. That’s information you can use in future calls. It can also give you the information you need to close the sale on that call. Don’t shy away from the question.

You also want to make as many calls as you can. Don’t make a few calls and give up. If you aren’t getting the decision maker on the phone, keep trying. There is a cycle to every process, even prospecting.

Also, you want to make yourself a script. Whether you are selling a product, setting appointments, or asking to send some literature to your prospect’s in-box, figure out what you want to say and how you want to say it before you ever pick up the phone. It will be embarrassing to get tongue-tied and lose your train of thought right in the middle of the call because you forgot what you wanted to focus on. So make a script.

The script doesn’t have to be complicated. Just a few lines about why you are calling, a few benefits to the customer then a closing statement. A good closing statement asks your prospect to take the action you want them to make. “Mr. Johnson, which seminar would you like to attend, A or B?”

And that’s it. Have fun, relax and be yourself. Cold calling is not hard and it can produce great results.

Allen Taylor is an award-winning journalist, freelance writer and copywriter. He specializes in world-class marketing for small businesses. For more information about how to make your business shine visit Be sure to check out Allen’s ghostwriting services and sign up for the free e-mail newsletter.

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