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French: More than Just the Language of Love!

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For many people, the French language is viewed as more of a cliche than anything else. We tend to associate French with B-grade movies, brimming with excessive nudity and chain smoking/ To others, French is a sexy language full passion and charm but still, getting little credit as a global language. The reality is that French is not only a sexy language, useful for gaining the attention of the opposite sex, but it is also a legitimate language for international business and also, political affairs.

The United Nations communicates in both French and English, highlighting the fact that learning French is far from just an asset for understanding erotic films. It is a vital tool for operating in not only Europe but also much of Africa, where so much work remains undone. In fact learning French should be a pertinent consideration for anyone considering a career in international relations as a diplomatic envoy. Consequently, many government agencies and non-governmental agencies have a high regard for people who speak french, says In fact many online and face to face courses have appeared in recent times.

Another practical consideration that make learning French more attractive is the ease with which English speakers can learn French. The alphabet is largely the same albeit with revised punctuations and emphasis on particular letters. This however is far easier than attempting to learn the hundreds of characters required to read mandarin chinese! Also, sentence structure remains very similar, allowing students to concentrate on expanding their vocabulary, rather than learning the grammatical nuances of a foreign language.

Overall, learning French can be particularly useful for those wishing to gain a foothold in foreign affairs, without having to stray to far from ones mother tongue.

The author is a regular contributor to a website dedicated to studying french.

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