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The Hotest and Newest Wedding Favors and Trends

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What do you think the newest wedding favors are? There are tons of great ideas out there and lots of hot products for wedding favors. In fact there are so many different wedding favor products that it can quickly become overwhelming for the uninitiated. Everyone claims that they have the newest wedding favors and hot items but is it true? Below you will find some of the hottest trends and newest ideas in wedding favors. Yet this will not point the hottest wedding favor this year because that is somewhat a matter of opinion it will instead give you some things that are becoming popular and are new ideas for wedding favors.

You can easily incorporate many of these ideas into your own wedding favors and who knows maybe you will have the next hottest wedding favor out there.


One trend that we definitely see is wedding favors that are tending towards the unusual. This just means that the old classic wedding favor ideas have gone out the door and individual are not looking for something unusually and unique about their wedding favor. Things that will help it stick out and be remembered.


Another huge trend in wedding favors is going exotic. People love to have their own unique and never before seen wedding favors and ideas. This pushes the limits of everyone to be more creative and think up of more great products. Anyway one way that many couples are making their wedding favor stand out is by finding things from exotic places. For example a small potted bamboo sprig from China is a popular item right now that is pretty exotic. Anything that is ethnic and from a foreign country and different is becoming popular.


Another trend in wedding favors is to a movement away from the big ordinary wedding favors towards things that are smaller and more elegant. So instead of giving a big 5 pound box of See’s Candies people are opting to go with exotic chocolate truffles. Five or Six of these wonderfully handmade chocolate truffles makes a great and very popular wedding favor.


The biggest trend in wedding favors right now and in fact everywhere is to personalize or customize things. This means instead of having a wedding favor that is store bought and you are stuck with people are searching online and finding companies that will help them personalize or customize their wedding favors. Adding these little personal touches like the name, location and date of the event or including a picture of the couple to be married. Some people are even adding in the name of the guest to make it very personalized. This is a very nice gesture and one that your guests will love. Instead of taking your favors home and tossing them on the couch they will leave their wedding favor out on display and enjoy it everyday.

So overall by personalizing, thinking small, and going exotic you can easily tap into the newest wedding favors and the hottest trends in the market. Using a computer online to do some research before hand is also a great idea.

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Newest Wedding Favors

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