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Become A Dangerous Martial Artist — Fast

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If you would like to double the speed in which you become a truly dangerous opponent to anyone who attacks you on the street, then you’re going to love this.

Check this out:

All you have to do, whenever you learn a new fighting skill, tactic, technique or move — such as the information you get in a martial arts class or video or even an article like this — is teach what you’ve learned to someone else.

Doesn’t matter who you teach it to, whether it’s a friend, family member, neighbor, co-worker — anyone who is interested.

Sound almost too simple?

Then realize this:

Every expert in any subject — especially fighting, self defense and martial arts — knows there’s nothing better to sharpen up your skills, knowledge and abilities than teaching what you learn to someone else.

It’s true.

In fact, doing this one simple thing — which can take as little as five or ten minutes in most cases — will literally double your fighting skills (and the amount of damage you cause anyone dumb enough to attack you) in no time flat.

Try it yourself and see.

Next time you learn a new martial arts or self defense move, tactic, or idea teach it to someone else. Preferably someone you love and care about. Doing so will only further cement the teaching in your own mind and make you that much more a master of that skill yourself.

Sifu Matt Numrich is one of only a few instructors in the world with Full Certification in Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, and also the Filipino Martial Arts. His students include everyone from Federal Air Marshals and military elites to small children and 65-year old ladies. Matt also offers free weekly street-fighting lessons by email at

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  • Posted On January 16, 2007
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