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Major addictions and rehabilitation options explained

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How does one define addiction? It is such a common word.

How does one define addiction? It is such a common word. We use it repeatedly in our day to day life to refer to a person’s inability to distance himself from a certain habit, thing, activity or even person. There are drug addicts, alcohol addicts, tobacco addicts, gaming addict, mobile addict, cyber addict etc. Amongst these, we are concerned with alcohol addiction, drug addiction and other substance abuse. This is so because amongst all the other forms of addiction, these are the ones that tell adversely upon the health of the addicts and can eventually be fatal to life. Gaming, gambling and mobile phones serve as a means of recreation to kill boredom and at the most turn a person into an asocial person. They do not adversely affect the health of the person.

Alcohol addiction is being accustomed to excessive consumption of beverages with high concentration of alcohol. These beverages and alcoholic brands are easily available at stores, malls, food joints, restaurants, clubs, pubs and various friendly get together. Teenage drinking is becoming a major cause of concern in society. They are initiated to this fatalistic addiction just as any other person does. A few rounds of drinks, probably champagne or wine, with friends at a party introduces them to alcohol and if they get the hang of it, then before they even know it, they become addicted to too much alcohol, to the extent that they cannot imagine going without alcohol for a day altogether. They must be sent for alcohol rehab before it is too late.

Recently, students at a major university in the country had to be admitted in hospital after they had consumed excess of a special drink that combines alcohol and caffeine. The mixture is considered very dangerous because caffeine masks the effects of alcohol and the person goes on consuming the drink, as the body doesn’t display the usual signs as it does on excess intake of alcohol. So with beverages such as these around, alcohol rehab become a little difficult. However, counselors and medics at rehabilitation centers design the program in such a way that the alcoholics put up a determined fight against alcohol and finally achieve redemption from it.

Drug addiction surfaces when a person becomes addicted to a drug, which had been originally prescribed to cure some pain or mobilize certain body processes. Later when it was discovered that these drugs were addictive in nature and also interacted with other substances in the body to produce adverse effects, they were put out of circulation. This made it all the more difficult for the patients used to these drugs to survive without them and the deprivation often led to harmful consequences.

Drug problems can be treated effectively at rehabilitation treatment centers where the medics and counselors help the addict in fighting the addiction and lead a healthy and normal life.


Heather Harrington is the author of this article on Drug Rehab.
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