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3 Aspects Of Brand Protection

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A trademark is a distinct image like a word, logo or some geometric figure, which represents the identity of a particular company. Any harm to trademark is a direct assault on company’s reputation. Brand value is intertwined with the trademark. Mostly, companies register their logo in order to take legal actions in case of misusage of their precious trademark.

These days, it is quite challenging for the companies to secure their brand due to many reasons.When a brand is able to successfully protect its name against issues like trademark infringement, it is free to focus its efforts entirely on the development, creation and marketing of goods and services. A number of brand protection methods can be employed.

Trademark registration

After using an unregistered trademark for a period of time to market and sell products brand recognition and value builds up, as does the risk of other businesses misusing the brand. At this point, if not earlier, the trademark should be registered. Registering the trademark requires the assistance of a brand protection firm to oversee the application and registration process ensuring the documentation is submitted properly.

Trademark enforcement

Trademark enforcement helps protect unauthorized use of a mark on file. This type of brand protection involves challenging the various entities and firms who may attempt to intentionally or unintentionally use the mark in question to sell products and goods. This particular function is about protecting the integrity of the mark. A trademark specialist challenges counterfeited goods that may cause brand confusion or otherwise dilute the reputation of the brand. Any services marketed under a certain identity closely resembling a company’s mark are also disputed under trademark enforcement practices. 

Online reputation management

Online monitoring of a brand’s name is also a part of brand protection. A company may not have the team in place trained to oversee and monitor all of the online activity that occurs regarding a brand. Sites and social networking sites may be a mechanism in which disparaging information about a brand is published. With a brand protection team in place, the company remains abreast of all activity that may affects the brand’s standing in the marketplace. 

Trademark registration can be a substantial investment for a firm, but leaving a brand unprotected can lead to complicated legal issues.Any organization either big or small should leave no stone unturned in protecting their brand image. 

David Rogers is Australian Author. He is Working in Investigation Firm. He has applied his knowledge and understanding to a wide variety of brand protection and trademark infringement law services business.


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