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3 Unusual Places For Tiles

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Tiles, as surprising as it may seem, could add style and emotion not only to the bathroom in your home. Some of the unusual places for tiles might come as no surprise, but the secret hides in the way you decide to use them. Whenever you need durable surface that can offer you unlimited combination possibilities, and is waterproof, all you need to do is consult with a contractor on how good his tiling skills are.

In addition to the great design options, cleaners Brixton remind you that cleaning tiles is relatively easy. Furthermore, unlike some of the other flooring options their colour won’t fade if exposed to the sun, and you can use almost any cleaning product you want on them. Without further ado, here are some suggestions for unusual places for tiles:

1. Kitchen Floors: Like in the bathroom, tiles in the kitchen are a great feature. No matter what you spill on it, they won’t budge. Imagine the unwanted situation where your dishwasher starts leaking, if you have hardwood floors, they will swell and get damaged. However, there is one minor drawback: if you drop a plate on a tile floor, you stand almost 100% chance of breaking it, where as with hardwood the possibility drops to 70%.

2. Kitchen and Bath Counter-Tops: If you are tired of always trembling over the gentle, vulnerable surface of your old counter-tops, you could replace them with tiles. Not only are they less expensive, but they also make kitchen and bathroom counter-top cleaning Finsbury Park a child’s play. Moreover, high-quality tiles will last for lifetime.

3. Kitchen and Bathroom Back-splash: If you hire a skilled contractor, your kitchen or bathroom tile back-splash could literally become a piece of art. While using tiles in the kitchen as a back-splash is not exactly unheard of, if you use your imagination, it could turn out to be the envy of everyone who enters your kitchen or bathroom.

If you have other suggestions about where to install tiles in your home, please, share them with us. After all, tiles are inexpensive, and durable option for every home owner. Furthermore, their maintenance and cleaning is more than simple. All you need is to wipe them regularly with an all-purpose cleaner, or other cleaning product of your choice.



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