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4 Things You Should Focus on When Test-Driving Your Car

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Test-driving the car you are thinking of buying from the best Audi dealers in White Rock is one of the steps you need to take in order to determine if it’s really the right car for your driving preferences. But before you actually head to Top Audi dealers in White Rock such as Audi of Richmond, you should already be armed with the knowledge on which features and driving functions you are looking for in a car so your dealer can help you narrow down your options.

Go for a test drive alone so there are no distractions when trying to gauge the features of the car. Bringing someone along like a family member can make you overlook some important details in your driving experience.

The following are the 6 important things you should focus on when test-driving:

1.    Aesthetics

How does the car look like up close and personal? Does the color look exactly the same as in the product photos? Does the exterior have a showroom shine to it that appeals to you? What about the interior? Does the interior boast of good quality or does it look like the parts are cheaply-made?

If the aesthetics of the vehicle does not appeal to you, there’s no point test-driving it. You have to love how it looks on top of how it performs or you will regret your buying decision later.

2.    Performance and Handling

When you drive on busy streets or turn a corner, how easy is the car to handle? Does it have good torque that allows you to drive on high traffic streets? Does the steering wheel follow fluidly under your hands? When you hit speed bumps or rough areas on roads, does the suspension system dispel the motion? Focus on these nuances in driving the vehicle as they will tell you how great the car really is.

3.    Safety features

Aside from checking the test ratings of the vehicle, which should be provided by your dealer and doing a lot of research on the safety features of the vehicle you want to purchase, make sure the salesperson or dealer explains how each safety feature works and where the airbags are located.

When driving, also determine how easy it is to park the car, your level of visibility and your comfort. These are all essential for safe driving. If the car has blind spots, you could get into an accident.

4.    Quality

Does everything feel classy and expensive? Does the dashboard feel like it was constructed of poor quality plastic? The quality and comfort of the seating is equally important.  Some vehicles fit some people better than others.  If you are tall, say 6’2 or better, make sure there ample leg room, and the head rest can extend to rest your head comfortably.   What is the noise quality inside the vehicle? Is the noise isolation feature up to par?

Learn more about the Audi service in White Rock included in your purchase. Make sure you read the warranty to know what parts and services are included in repair.

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