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5 Actions To Clearing Up A Green Above Ground Swimming Pool.

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Every pool owner will encounter a green or black swimming pool at some point. It is preferable to avoid this situation by maintaining and servicing your above ground pool correctly. Restoring your pool to its former clarity will take time, energy, cash and will undoubtedly test your patience. The good news is that there is a proven system for clearing up a dirty, green swimming pool.

The guidelines shown below must be implemented in sequence to ensure the best results for your above ground pool.

1. Get rid of the leaves and debris that is lying in the bottom of the pool. This will stir up the water and worsen the appearance of the pool, but do not be concerned as it will settle within a few hours. Do not vacuum the swimming pool while there is still debris in the bottom as this can undoubtedly result in blockage within the skimmer or filter.

2. Change the water pH and alkalinity levels with Ph Plus, Ph Minus and Alkalinity Plus. The water will not clear unless these levels are within normal range.

3. Shock the pool with a high concentration of chlorine. This will eliminate all the algae and bacteria within the swimming pool. For faster results, use liquid shock. Extremely dirty swimming pools may possibly need repeated doses of liquid shock over a period of several days is doses of 3 or 4 gallons. If the needed result is not reached overnight, add another 3 or 4 gallons in the morning. Continue this approach till the water color transforms to either a murky white or clear. As soon as this result is reached, add a top quality algaecide to the water.

4. Backwash 3 or 4 times and operate your filter for Twenty four hours. If the pool remains cloudy and the water does not clear, make use of a clarifier. Please note that this is exclusively for sand filters. You will require 1 ounce of super concentrated clarifier per 5000 gallons of water. If you are unsure of the concentration, merely adhere to the instructions on the label. Operate the filter for an further 12 hours and let it sit overnight. If carried out properly, the dead algae will drop to the bottom. Vacuum it up first thing in the morning before the rays from the sun reach the swimming pool. Carry on running the pool filter and backwashing it. The more you do that, the quicker it will clear up. You cannot over backwash the filter so do not be concerned. Keep in mind that D.E. filters need to be topped up through the skimmer right after every backwash.

5. Once clear water has been restored to your swimming pool, vacuum up the leftover debris and enjoy.

If following these directions does not clear up your Above Ground Swimming Pool with 5 or 6 days, check your filter because it may not be functioning correctly. For more info on maintaining and servicing your above ground swimming pool, pay a visit to

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