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6 Ways to Reduce the Costs of Sending Parcels

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Online retailing paves the way for you to market to potential customers worldwide. However, this is not entirely advantageous as you have to deal with shipping preparation and costs. To avoid spending a fortune and cutting down your potential revenue, you should find ways to reduce the costs of sending parcels.

Below are seven ways on how you can do it:

  1. Shop for inexpensive options.

Courier services are offered by both public and private entities. Established shipping companies cater to local and international shipment. Some are exclusive for domestic delivery. The types, scope and quality of their services are different, which means that their fees also vary. When looking for a service provider, be mindful of their fees. You should also read testimonials from clients to find out if there are hidden charges.

  1. Buy packing essentials by bulk.

Service providers offer boxes and pallets as shipping containers for retailers. They may also provide packing essentials, such as air pillows, bubble wraps and packing peanuts. These materials are worth considering, especially if your goods are categorized as fragile. However, you have the option to supply this yourself, instead of relying everything to your courier. When buying packing essentials, consider what best suits your products. It is also more cost-effective to buy in bulk than to purchase them individually.

  1. Take advantage of courier management software.

Courier dispatch software or management software will not only save your money directly. It also helps you deal with possible problems that may lead to further expenses. With this, you can find out the status of your parcels (whether they have been delivered or not). It also allows you to set a route for speedy delivery.

  1. Consolidate.

Many online retailers notify their customers that their purchased goods are to be delivered within a week or two. The reason behind this is that they first collect then combine parcels that need to be shipped to the same countries. Consolidated parcels tend to be less costly than sending them one at a time.

  1. Choose add-ons wisely.

Couriers offer optional features to their clients. One of which is insurance. If you opt for a reliable service provider and your product is not that delicate, you may want to lessen the scope of the insurance.

  1. Provide policy for special charges.

As much as possible, avoid express delivery services that ensure delivery within the next 24 hours after a purchase. Many of your customers would like that. A speedy delivery also boosts your reputation. However, these services are usually expensive.

If you find it hard to weigh on the pros and con of express delivery services, you can just form charge-back policies. In these policies, indicate when and how much your customer should pay for express delivery.


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