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7 MLM Sponsoring Tips – Plus Free Training Video

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MLM Sponsoring Tips

Today I want to offer a few MLM sponsoring tips. For those in the NM/MLM industry, you know that prospecting and successfully sponsoring folks is the way to build a strong organization. Well, Im going to lay out a few MLM sponsoring tips, and then,if you like what I have to say. Im going to give you an opportunity to get some free training as well. Here we go.

MLM Sponsoring Tips

MLM Sponsoring Tip 1 – Put yourself in your prospects shoes.

The first thing you need to do is put yourself in your prospects shoes. See the world through their eyes. Understand your prospects needs and wants. Be fair, be honest, and be professional. Dont be after the enrollment fee. Get to know your prospect and help them make an informed decision about your opportunity. I have told numerous people, “This is not for least not right now”. Connect with your prospects on a personal level. Your goal must be to help them.

MLM Sponsoring Tip 2 – Refer to your prospect by name.

Want to make an immediate connection with someone? Call them by name. Psychologically, calling someone by their name creates a connection and puts then at ease. Once they become less defensive, they can listen, learn, and think. Saying their name a few times within the first few minutes will keep their attention, and start to build that relationship. Refer to your prospect name as often as practical throughout the presentation or meeting, and always when thanking them for their time.

MLM Sponsoring Tip 3 – Dont be pushy.

Be sincere when speaking with your prospects. The last thing you want to do is to drive prospects away. If you are sensing rejection in the prospects, dont push it. After all, youre not there to sell them on the business, youre there to support them in their business. If they say “No”, its no big deal. Do not try to rebut everything they say. Your business is not right for everyone. Make your presentation, build your relationship, and allow your prospect to ask questions, ponder the answers, and make an educated decision.

MLM Sponsoring Tip 4 – Keep free of distractions.

Ask the prospects to silence or turn off their phones during a meeting or presentation. When conducting home meetings make sure the TV and radio are off and children are tended to. Interruptions will distract the audience. Let them know that this is business.

MLM Sponsoring Tip 5 -Its not about the hype.

Dont use hype to bring people into your business. If you need to convince your prospects about the business, then maybe its just not right for them. Instead build hope. Explain what the business has to offer, what got you excited, what the business can do for them. Build peoples hope for a better quality of life, for more money, more freedom, more time to spend with their family. Then show how your opportunity can offer a solution. Be professional. Dont lie about the company, or about your results. Focus on the reasons why youre there, and how determination and consistent effort can lead to success.

MLM Sponsoring Tip 6 – Follow up with every prospect.

Not everyone will be able to give you an immediate response. Most people will need some time to think things over. Do not rush anyone into making a decision on the spot. You risk becoming that pushy salesman trying to meet a quota. Instead, set a date and time to follow up with them. Make your follow up call within 24-48 hours. Otherwise youll lose the “fire” or interest in the opportunity.

MLM Sponsoring Tip 7 – Build a relationship with your downline.

As important as it is to build a relationship with your prospects, it is equally if not more important to build a strong relationship with your downline. After all, its how youre your downline does that will largely determine your success. You want them to stay in your business and be partners in success. Make sure that they feel supported. Give back to your team and they will give back to you.

MLM Sponsoring Tips – Some Final Thoughts

The key to any MLM sponsoring tips, or any other training and advice you receive, is in the implementation. Dont be the person that spends all their time training and learning, but never putting anything into practice. Dont be afraid to make mistakes. All of the training, advice, or guidance will do you no go whatsoever if you dont put what you have learned into practice.

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