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7 tips to attract women with body language

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Perhaps we don’t realize that most of our daily communication is body language, it is not the same to say no moving smoothly face from side to side than saying no with straight eyes and twisting lips as a complete disapproval.


In the same way our body language may be transmitting a good or bad message to women, hence we need to be aware of the message.



Your body motion has to be relaxed and unworried; it has to be like you don’t need to impress anyone. You are so successful that you live without stress.



Arms and legs should be always extended. Do not be afraid to use space. Keep straight but relaxed.



Your voice should have a soothing effect, smooth but dominant. Do not speak too fast nor make sound your voice fake.



Face should be relaxed all the time. Do not stress the jaw and only on very few cases you may wrinkle your eyebrows.



Keep your shoulders relaxed like you just had received a massage. Do not raise them like a nervous person.



Do not sit on your hands when speaking; this could be interpreted as a lie.



Looking at the floor or dragging your feet is the message of somebody feeling depressed.


As a summary the right attitude of somebody sexually attractive must be fully confident and unworried. If you want to read more visit my site in spanish Como llegar a ser un macho alfa


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  • Posted On July 7, 2012
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