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Ezine Secrets to Success

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Get Readers’ Attention

Ezines have quickly become highly effective online marketing
tools. Their sheer numbers are overwhelming evidence of their
popularity. Each week, dedicated readers’ access hundreds of
thousands of ezines– covering just about every topic you can
think of–. This explosion of ezines creates a smorgasbord for
readers, and competition for publishers.

Often, people sign up for a number of ezines, but don’t read
them all. Some customers will decide whether an ezine is worth
reading based on one issue. So, you can see how important it is
that you every issue is entertaining and interesting. Remember
that by keeping readers, you are building and strengthening
relationships with customers. When your ezine consistently gives
readers information they can use to improve their lives, you
become a trusted source.

Meet Their Needs

It stands to reason that content is what makes or breaks an
ezine. The first secret to producing a popular, successful ezine
is to give readers what they need. How do you know what they
need? Stop and think of who your readers really are. Whether
your ezine is about financial planning or fly-fishing, your
readers are likely novices in this field, while you are an
expert. Think back to when you were just starting out, and make
a list of things you had to learn “the hard way.” What kinds of
articles can you write to help them avoid mistakes and find
success sooner?

Helpful hints, quick tips, product and book reviews are
enthusiastically devoured by ezine readers. They subscribe to
your ezine in hopes of quickly learning how to solve or avoid
problems. Interviews with experts in the field offer readers
extra insight and increase your ezine’s reputation.

Let’s take an example from a real life, my own. I publish an
ezine targeting writers. Since I am a writer, I know the
struggles they face, whether they are experienced or just
starting out. Articles that give tips on busting through
writer’s block, techniques to improve productivity, and lots of
helpful organization hints are at the top of my to-publish list.
I also might review different software, either strictly
writing-related or more general business oriented (for many,
writing is a business, not a hobby).

Staying On Top

I make a point of keeping on top of what is happening in the
writing business, so that my ezine gives readers up-to-date or
even trendsetting information. I do this not only by reading
other websites and ezines, but also by communicating with my
subscribers. You should do the same, either by prominent
placement of an announcement asking for feedback, or by sending
a separate email to everyone on your list. If you take the
latter route, be sure to have a few specific questions (“which
segment is most helpful to you?” “do you consider yourself a
novice, experienced, or very experienced in this field”) as well
as an open invitation to share ideas on how you can meet their

Every moment you spend improving your ezine is time well-spent.
Your grateful readers will show their appreciation by reading
your ezine and purchasing your products.


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