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3 Simple Tips for Building Your Subscription List

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Building your list online can be one of the most effective ways
of promoting your business online. Once you implement your plan,
it will continue to send new subscribers to your list forever.

There are a few obvious things you should do to make sure that
you get more subscribers. Here are three of my best tips, and
three of the easiest strategies for you to implement in getting
subscribers to your ezine.

1. Add your subscription information to all of your pages. You
may find this to be obvious. However, many sites I have visited
seem to think of their ezines as an afterthought. You have to
dig to find out that they have one at all.

By putting your ezine subscription box on all your pages, it
won’t matter what page your visitors uses to arrive at your
site. He/she will always have an opportunity to subscribe to
your newsletter. By not having to search to find the
subscription information, you are more likely to get the person
to subscribe to your ezine.

It certainly doesn’t hurt to have a newsletter page with a
longer description of your ezine.

Write a compelling description to go with it, offer a valuable
premium for subscribing, and you will get more subscribers.

2. Submit to the Ezine Directories. Once you have decided what
the subject of your ezine is, and you have created a format, you
need to create a sample issue. This should be in HTML.

Once you have your sample issue, you need to write a title and
description of your ezine and submit it to the directories.
Also, you will want to put a text version of your ezine on
autoresponder, as well as have a subscription page link and a
subscribe email address.

Once you have all of the elements you need to submit to the
directories, put all of this information in a text file so that
you can copy and paste as you submit.

The easiest way to find ezine directories to submit to is to
search the search engines for the term “ezine directories”.

Below is a 14 page tutorial on formatting your ezine, as well as
a list of ezine directories you can submit to.

3. Exchange Links with Other Complementary Ezines. There are
several things you should know so that you get the most from
this technique.

First, you can contact other ezine publishers with complimentary
ezines and ask them to swap ads with you. Make sure that you
look at the subscriber numbers for the publishers and give the
publisher a fair deal in exchange.

You can find ezines to exchange ads with by searching this ezine
directory: I have found this to be the
best directory to help you find ezines that accept ads.

You will also want to ask the publisher for a top sponsor ad so
that your ezine information will be seen. If you simply exchange
ads with an ezine publisher without qualifying your request, you
may find your ad buried deep within the ezine, reducing your
chances of being seen and getting new subscribers.

There are plenty of ways to promote your ezine. What’s important
is that you create a plan and stick to it. Get your ezine listed
in as many directories as possible, exchange ads with other
ezines, and always keep marketing. You’ll have a large list of
new subscribers before you know it.


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