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In today’s modern world, news is a large driving factor of how
we perceive different countries and people from those countries.
If we were to take news websites, news on the TV and news papers
at face value in today’s climate we should be terrified of
anyone who runs, anyone who holds eye contact for more than 3
seconds or any person who is carrying a bag with them, no matter
their colour, creed or religion.

Reporting the news is a tricky task. An editor has to make a
quick decision which story to run – is the story going to get
the news corporation into legal trouble or could it reflect
badly on the company. Many news websites wait for two or three
confirmed reports before they run with a story so they do not
run anything that is untrue, while others publish with only a
single report, they do this to make sure that their news is the
most current and up to date. In the world of news if you
hesitate then its old news as people will have already read or
seen it else where.


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  • Posted On April 11, 2006
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