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How to Choose a Good Newsletter Name

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Good newsletter names are usually 2-4 words. If shorter, they
can’t explain what your newsletter is about, and if longer, they
will be hard to remember.

When choosing a name for your newsletter, make sure its
abbreviation is suitable. For example if it’s “CNN”, you should
look for another name because it will confuse your readers.

A good name also describes what your newsletter is about. For
example “Affiliate Marketing Insider Tips” is a good name, but
“Zapping Tides” is not.

Some people use “the” at the beginning of titles or “newsletter”
at the end – like “The Affiliate Marketing Insider Tips
Newsletter.” But both of these words are unnecessary and just
make your title too long and more difficult to remember.

Depending on your newsletter topic and audience, your name can
be serious or playful. If you want to choose a playful title,
putting an “O” at the end of it makes it funny. An example of
such names could be “The Great Gordino” which comes from the
publisher’s name – Gordon Bryan.

You can browse ezine directories to find many good newsletter
names about different topics. You will get many creative ideas
from other people’s newsletter titles. They have spent a lot of
time and effort finding a good name and you can save time by
learning from them.

Wish you success!

Ladan Lashkari


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