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The Best Dating&Love Relationship Newsletter

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The Best Dating & Love Relationship Newsletter

Vol. 1 Iss. 1 Date August 2003 Distributed by SAYLAVIE.COM


■ FROM THE EDITOR: Welcome all new READERS!!

■”Does Online Dating Really Work?”

■”5 tips on how to attract the opposite sex in a Virtual

■”Concentrating on ONE relationship or on SEVERAL?”


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Dear Reader,

Hello & Welcome to Saylavie’s first newsletter. Saylavie is
INAUGURATING “The Best Dating & Love Relationship Newsletter”
for all singles and couples interested in adding some spice to
their romance and sexual lives. This newsletter is intended to
bring out the best information for: love, dating, relationship!

Hope you enjoy!!

Nicolas Martin [email protected]

■”Does Online Dating Really Work?”

It has only been 4-5 years now, that the world wide web is being
populated with online dating ads pop-ups, banners, Spam
mail,…etc.,… . The fact is, the demand for online dating is
increasing since we entered the new millennium. As the internet
community is rapidly growing, more and more online users are
spending time and money on dating sites. Most of those people
are either too busy to go out to places where they can flirt and
court with others, or they do not feel comfortable in such
places (clubs, coffee stands,…). Furthermore with the
emancipation of sexual diversities (heterosexual, bi-sexual….;
soft porn, fetish…), it becomes even more difficult these days
to aproach a person without offending his or her beliefs. One
thing is fore sure, dating and romance are a necessity in human
lives and will continue being the first steps in building a
healthy romantic relationship. We come to realize that somehow
the old style of courting is fading away, and leaving place to
virtual encounters. Is this a bad or good thing? Well the fact
is, if you spend more time on your computer than socializing,
you will eventually get rusty when the time comes to show your
interpersonal skills. However, online dating is the new way to
encounter people for love and romance. Most of the dating sites
offer a fun and anonymous way on finding that special somebody,
leaving therefore more time to the online dater to organize and
prepare himself for his eventual dates.

■”5 tips on how to attract the opposite sex in a Virtual

not want to mislead the person who you are trying to attract. If
you are true to yourself, this will reflect on your presentation
profile and ensure to others your legitimacy. Furthermore, most
of dating sites ask you to create a username in order to let you
flirt in a anonymously fashioned way.

_2_POST YOUR PICTURE, VIDEO CLIP…… If a dating site offers
you the chance to post your picture or a short streaming video
clip, don’t be SHY, take full advantage of that service. A
picture will bring out the real person in you, and attract more
people. On the net everything and everyone is virtual, making it
hard to believe or trust what you see. So don’t worry about
looks, worry on keeping it real!!

_3_SHOW YOUR PRESENCE!!! Once you are a member of a dating
site, it is recommended that you show your presence by visiting
the site at least once a week. That way you can keep in touch
with the people you started to flirt with, and continue finding
new prospects.

_4_COMPOSING FLIRT MESSAGES! Most dating sites offer you tips
on how to present yourself and compose attractive messages. You
do not have to be perfect, keep it simple and fun. Send out at
least 3 messages (1: introduce yourself, 2: share same
interests, 3: give out compliments) before sharing all your
personal information such as your life, phone number or even
your email.

_5_ASK FOR REFERRALS!!! While you are flirting online, you will
experience rejections with some relations. Don’t get
discouraged, try to end the virtual relation on good terms and
do not be shy on asking that person if she or he can refer you
to other singles who share the same interests.

■”Concentrating on ONE relationship or on SEVERAL?”

In the online dating community, it is hard to know if the
partner you are interested in is only attracted to you or is he
or she mingling in the same time with others. As a single,
looking for a long term relationship over the web, there is no
other way but to search that soul mate through trial and error
(this dose not mean that while you are learning more about your
number one prospect, you are actually dating five other
persons). The trick is to keep it simple and let the
relationship take its natural course, do not force issues. So
while you are trying to make things happen with your number one
prospect, try putting your self in a friendship bases with all
the other prospect you encountered. If the number one prospect
doesn’t turn out to be what you where expecting, you will
allways have others to follow.



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