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Stop Paying Full Price for Postage

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Stop Paying Full Price for Postage Copyright 2003, The Write

If you’re mailing out your monthly newsletter, you’d likely like
to save money on your postage costs. You may think there’s no
way around the first class price tag. However, we’ve got seven
easy ways to spend less for the same distribution.

Don’t Mail It

1. FAX it. If most of your readers are local and have fax
numbers, ask them if they’d mind if you faxed it. Keep in mind
that some of your readers may prefer to have it mailed.

2. Email it. You can email the newsletter in plain text or HTML
format, or you can email a notice that the latest edition is
available on your website.

3. Hand-deliver it. If a number of your subscribers live in the
same area, you might consider paying someone to hand deliver it.
Or, you can drop it off yourself. It’s a great way to re-connect
with customers.

Get More for Your Stamp

4. Send it as a bill insert. Enclosing your newsletter as a bill
insert is like getting a two for one deal at the post office.

5. Conduct some research. Include occasional surveys for your
readers. This can provide you with valuable feedback that’s
worth more than the price of a stamp!

Post Office Tricks

6. Get a bulk postage meter. Call your county’s main branch post
office for details.

7. Use a standard size. You may be paying more because your
newsletter doesn’t fulfill post office specifications. Ask at
your local post office for a chart of the various sizes you can

With a little innovation (or a little less innovation), you can
be on your way to saving money on your newsletter delivery.


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