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8 Reasons why small businesses switch to VoIP

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In this competitive business world, almost everyone in business knows about the various communication mediums with the clients. Many businesses have overseas clients, and the company has to be continuously in touch with them. And it must be a verbal communication to get the clear idea of the client. For this verbal communication, earlier the companies have landline connections which costs a lot while overseas calls. So to overcome this major problem, the technologists develop VoIP internet telephony or we can say “Voice over Internet Protocol”. VoIP has surpassed all the traditional way of telephone systems and even the mobile phones. And most of the businesses switch their whole communication to VoIP, both the internal communication as well as external. Let us find out the various reasons of this switch.

Following are the top five reasons that why companies switch to VoIP services:

1.)     Low Cost – The telephone bills are the starting point of cost saving as it is the maximum useable thing in the business. So one can drastically reduce the overhead expense. By using VoIP, once can save 80-90% on their regular monthly phone bills. VoIP offers data communication as well as voice communication and both at a very low cost. Even overseas calls are very cheap like a local call rate. So one can easily make a distant call for a long time. 

2.)    Wireless Technology – VoIP phone service needs a computer system, a set of headphones and the internet connection. So it does not require any wirings and heavy equipments for communication like the regular telephone systems. VoIP is a wireless technology.

3.)    Easy to manage – VoIP phone service is very easy to manage. This is absolutely automatic and even the whole installation process is quite very easy and a customer’s installation guide is also provided along with this. The functionality of VoIP phone calls is also automatically recorded by the computer system.

4.)    Portable – VoIP phone can be easily portable to any place. One can even use this from any other country or city. It just needs the laptop and the internet connection to use. So there is no chance to miss your important phone call while you are travelling anywhere.

5.)    Free Inter-branch Communication – VoIP provides the facility of communicating within the office branches at absolutely free of cost.

6.)    Voice Quality – The voice quality of VoIP phone is also very fine without any hindrances like the regular phones calls.

7.)    Advanced call handling features – VoIP has a lot of advanced features that are given absolutely free of cost. You have an option to choose some of the features from many advanced features according to your requirements.  Some of the features are: call forwarding, simultaneous ring, call waiting, speed dialing, 3-way conferencing, caller ID and caller ID block, voice mail facility, do not disturb and many more.

8.)    Productivity – Using VoIP phone service can also increase the productivity. As there is no more need of a lots of paper work to maintain call records. And one can instantly talk to each other regarding work through free inter-com facility instead of physically going there and doing meetings. And also you can make long client calls to get the exact idea of his requirements for the projects delivered to them. So it saves your time and productivity will increase.

On the whole, all the above written points of VoIP attract the people towards it. That’s why most of the businesses switch to this latest communication technology.  

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