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Disguising Spy Bugs

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If you are going to be using spy bugs in order to collect
information or gather evidence, it is very important that you
find the proper disguise. You do not want to raise suspicions.
Simply placing a small electronic device in an area is a bad
idea. It obvious looks like a spy bug. Even if it is not noticed
immediately, eventually someone will see it and get suspicious.
And once those suspicions enter, it is harder to use spy bugs in
the future to find the information you need. Spy bugs can easily
be disguised in a variety of ways. They are best used in the
form of objects that look nothing like spy tools. Ordinary items
are the best, especially items that one would expect to see in
almost any setting. To complete the illusion, it is best if the
spy bugs you use perform their ostentatious functions, like
writing if you use a pen, or the ability to make a phone call if
you use a cell phone. Pens and cell phones are among the most
common and popular of spy bugs. This is because a pen is welcome
just about anywhere, and nearly everyone has a cell phone.
Additionally, pens are easily left behind, “forgotten,” and they
can even be given away without arousing suspicion. Cell phones
are great because you can plug them into a wall to “charge,” or
they can also be “forgotten” when you set them down. Spy bugs
are convenient for many reasons. They are often very small, and
this makes it possible to slip them onto your target. They fit
easily into briefcases, purses, wallets, backpacks, and can be
left in cars in the pockets or under the mats. In addition to
pens and cell phones, other types of bugs come disguised as
buttons, hats, makeup compacts (anything from powder cases to
lipstick tubes), and even reading glasses. Whether you want to
know what is being said after you leave a room, or whether you
are performing reconnaissance, whether you are collecting
evidence for use in a civil case or simply recording your
conversations in order to protect yourself down the line, you
can more effectively get the information you need with the help
of cleverly disguised spy bugs. (c) 2005 Copyright This article is about: Spy Bugs.


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