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Who Uses Spy Listening Devices

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Spy listening devices are more common than one might think.
In fact, there is a wide variety of people who make use of spy
listening devices in order to find out the information they need
to know. These listening devices (some of them used in covert
operations) are perfectly legal, and it is even possible for you
to make use of them on information gathering forays of your own.
The most obvious set of people who use spy listening devices are
law enforcement and other government types. It is probably no
surprise to you that the police, F.B.I. and C.I.A. make use of
covert listening devices as they perform surveillance. The
Department of Homeland Security also makes use of these devices,
as does the military. Even though possessing these devices is
not against the law, these law enforcement agencies are required
to jump through some legal hoops when they want to use them in
conjunction with investigating civilians. Of course, in other
countries and in times of war, sometimes the listening devices
are used without as many stringent regulations. Other
professionals who use spy listening devices include private
investigators (P.I.) and bounty hunters. P.I.s uses them to
gather information for clients. Most of the time it is evidence
for use in civil court cases. Bounty hunters may make use of
listening devices to help them gather information on the
whereabouts of their quarry. In either case, true professionals
make use of equipment that is the best they can afford, and that
will help them do their jobs. Finally, it is possible for you to
use spy listening devices. If you are looking to gather
information about someone, or even if you just want to protect
yourself by making sure all transactions and important
conversations are recorded, you can use listening devices to
make sure you have all the right information that you need.
These devices are perfectly legal, and there are a variety of
them available. They range from small little devices that look
like pens to large listening devices that you can point at a
location and listen in from 300 yards away. (c) 2005 Copyright This article is about: Spy Listening


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