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The Wearable Spy Cam

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The first thing that comes to many people’s minds when they hear
the term spy cam are those hidden cameras that look like regular
objects. While this sort of spy cam is definitely among the most
popular of surveillance equipment, there are also spy cameras
small enough to be worn. Just like their counterparts that
appear to be ordinary, everyday items like pictures and clocks,
wearable spy cams look very commonplace. And that is the main
basis of their appeal. A wearable spy cam is very small. It may
be something like a cell phone, or it can be even smaller, worn
in a baseball cap or as a button. The cameras that look like
accessories, like caps or jewelry, are usually made to be rather
fashionable. For instance, it is possible to purchase an
innocuous looking baseball cap with a Nike swoosh on it. Instead
of looking like a piece of spy equipment, it merely looks like a
trendy piece of headwear. But you can get a great view of any
room, or “forget” it on a table and record what is happening
while you are out of the room. The wearable spy cam is very
useful for a variety of reasons. As mentioned above, if the
camera is located in something that is removable, it can be left
behind so that you can record what goes on when you are not
around. Even if you do not leave the room, the camera records
everything within its scope. You might miss a detail or an
action that signals something vitally important. When you have
your hidden camera recording, you can watch the footage and make
sure you did not miss anything. Using a spy cam in conjunction
with a small covert listening device is one of the best things
you can do. This allows you to have sound with your image,
putting things in a clearer context. More information is always
a good thing, and listening to sounds play back can also help
you jog your memory if you are not quite sure what exactly you
are seeing. If you are headed out to do a little reconnaissance,
don’t forget the small listening device and the wearable spy
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