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The Ultimate Spy Mobile Phone

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Technology has given spies the ultimate weapon in listening
devices: the spy mobile phone. The great thing about these cell
phone bugs is that they are so ordinary looking and function
normally. When you are listening in, you do not look suspicious
because just about everyone now has a mobile phone. Their very
presence in every aspect of society is a plus. There is
virtually no place that your spy mobile phone cannot go, and
therefore it is the ultimate in infiltration.

The new generation of spy mobile phone allows you to listen in
on conversations that are being had on the phone, as well as
listening to conversations in the area of the phone when it is
not actively in use. The phone is the ultimate in surveillance
technology. You can send it off with your teenager to make sure
that he or she is not engaging in inappropriate activities, or
you can give it to your significant other and make sure she or
he is not cheating on you. It is an excellent way to learn all
that you need to know, and never be suspected of listening in.

You give the spy mobile phone to whomever it is that you need to
listen in on (heck, get them for the whole family!). Each phone
is programmed with two numbers. The first is the regular phone
number that anyone can call. The second is a secret number that
you choose. When you call the secret number, the phone activates
without giving any sign to the person who has it. It is quietly
active (even if it is not in use) allowing you to listen. If you
dial in and the person is using the phone, you have instant
access to both ends of the conversation. If you dial in and the
phone is not in use, you can hear everything that is going on in
the room.

Not only can you dial in at will, but it is also possible with
the spy mobile phone to program the phone to call you. It calls
you when the person is calling someone else or even when the
person receives an incoming call. There is no reason for you to
miss a single communication when you have the ultimate spy
mobile phone.

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