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Protect Yourself with Spy Bug Detectors

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If you are involved in surveillance on other people, chances are
that there are other people involved in surveillance on you. In
order to detect when others may be listening in on you, it is a
good idea to keep one or two different types of spy bug
detectors. Because there are plenty of different bugs out there,
and because they make use of a variety of different
technologies, it is important to have at least two different
types of spy bug detectors in order to sweep for multiple types
of listening devices.

Because the most popular listening devices are RF (radio
frequency) bugs, it is important to make use of RF spy bug
detectors. Choose a sensitive model with good bandwidth and
circuitry. It is good to have one that can pick up a wide range
of frequencies so that you are not missing a bug, and then feel
confident that it has been removed. Of course, if you are in an
area where there is a great deal of ambient RF energy, there may
be too much interference. The good news, though, is that with
most detectors of this type it is possible to experiment and
then familiarize yourself with the unit so that you can still
use it even in high RF areas.

Electronic eavesdropping can also be detected with spy bug
detectors that not only find electronic signals in a room or on
a person you are speaking with, but also pinpoints them It is
possible for you to get a detector with a LED display that shows
you exactly where the bug is located. This can help you to
either find and disable the bug, or let you know where it is so
that you can “plant” misleading information.

Finally, in today’s wireless world it is possible to detect
digital blue tooth eavesdropping. There are spy bug detectors
that can help you avoid being spied on with wireless devices,
and with blue tooth technology. There are even state of the art
detectors that switch between detecting digital bugs and analog
bugs. With all that is available, you can easily avoid any
eavesdropping by utilizing spy bug detectors.

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