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A Hidden Camera for Your Home

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When you have small children and teenagers, a hidden camera or
two about the house can be very useful. When children are small,
it helps to ensure that they are protected from babysitters and
nannies that might try to abuse them. As your children grow into
teenagers, the hidden camera takes on a new mission: to make
sure that they are obeying the rules, even when you are away
from home.

Many sitters and nannies feel that it is okay to abuse children
to get them to behave. Others simply ignore small children,
taking your money but not really taking care of the children.
Both of these scenarios are unacceptable. But how can you
determine what goes on in your home while you are out? The
simple solution is to have a hidden camera (or two or three)
secreted about the house. Then you can see how the sitter treats
your children. If it is bad, the hidden camera can serve as
evidence if you wish to press charges or recover damages. Other
parents worry about leaving their teenagers home by themselves.
Will they have parties? Get into the liquor cabinet? Again, a
hidden camera can help you keep tabs on what your kids do when
you leave home. If you let them know that you do have cameras in
the house, but do not tell them where, it is likely that they
will be on better behavior while you are gone.

And that is the beauty of the hidden camera. These devices are
cleverly disguised as regular, normally functioning household
items. Clocks, wall paintings, smoke detectors, and even can
openers can all contain cameras while perfectly performing their
regular functions. There are even clock radio alarms that will
still wake you up (and that you can hit snooze on) and still
record what is going on in the room. Additionally, there are
plenty of listening devices that can also be disguised as
regular items, and that can supplement the visuals you receive
from the cameras. You can know exactly what is going on in your
home when you have a hidden camera.

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