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Are anti spam software ruining your home business?

  • Posted April 19, 2006
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Have you started or are you thinking in starting an online

I bet that you know that the bulk e-mail marketing technique
it’s widely used on Internet, it’s free, it’s easy and it’s

But on the long run it can cost you more than you will gain with

Many people identify bulk e-mail with spam. Spam used to be
referred about posting or broadcasting ads to unrelated
discussion groups, but now this term has grown meaning “any
unsolicited e-mail” or “any email sent to people that didn’t ask
for it”. And the Internet Service Providers are taking steps
that can be very dangerous to your business if you decide to use
bulk e-mail as your promotional tool.

If the people that receive your unsolicited e-mail, complaint to
your ISP and or your virtual host service, you may end up
loosing one or both of them. This means that your web site will
be shut down, and you will lose your connection to the Internet.

Of course that you can get another ISP and virtual host server,
but this will harm you in three ways:

* It will be a waist of time * It will cost you money * It will
damage your reputation

So this free medium for online promotion, can be the source of
too many problems, and the best that you can do, is to do not
get involved with it.

But SPAM can give you problems…


And this brings us to our next topic…


Let’s say that you’re about to mail out your e-zine…

You can’t have an idea of how many will actually REACH your
subscribers and how many will get filtered, junked, trashed, or
stomped by ISPs, HotMail, Yahoo! Mail, etc., along the way.


Simple answer… spam.

You know how important e-mail is to YOUR business, right? What
if I told you 10%, 20%, maybe 50% or more of it is not getting

Spam has reached epidemic levels. So much so that ISPs have been
forced to combat it with filtering software.

Alas, many legitimate marketers aare getting caught up and hurt,
even though they are not the target.

Now, instead of JUST hoping for the best…

With our SpamCheck feature, you can know exactly what to do to
reduce the “spamminess” of your e-zines and promotional e-mail!

As a result, you will know that your e-mail and newsletters are
being delivered directly into INBOXES of your clients and

…. and NOT into the Junk Mail Folder.

It’s no longer just enough to send the mail… You must be sure
that you can reach the INBOX!

What should you do to protect your honest business from being
recognized as spam when it is not?

Send your marketing letters and e-zine issues to my special
autoresponder, and you will get a SpamCheck Report.

Even if you don’t have an ezine or newsletter you should check
your email signature file!


Simple answer… the average marketing sig file can contain
enough “spam triggers” to throw you into Yahoo! Mail’s Junk Mail


Send an email to [email protected] with the word TEST
(in caps, no quotes)preceding your subject in the Subject line.

I repeat, because it’s important… Start the subject line
with… TEST …. or we assume it’s spam (since the spambots
will add affiliate spamcheck addresses to their dirty
databases), and follow up with your usual e-mail or ezine’s

i.e. if your Subject is:

“The best home business”

you should write:

TEST “The best home business”

On the body of the email put your ezine’s issue content or your
marketing email’s content

Send it to: [email protected]

And that’s it, that’s all there is to it!…

You will receive an Instant free spam-checking, and a free
Report telling you the results. :-)

Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi


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