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Do not let spyware, virus, and hijackers get you

  • Posted April 19, 2006
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Is your computer being attacked by spyware, virus, popups,
hijackers and more? Did you know more then 90% of peoples
computers are infected with at least one of these? I never knew
my computer was infected till I got a spyware remover program
that listed I had over 100 infected files. I just though my
computer was running slower, because it was getting old. I had
no clue what damage all of these hiding programs on my computer
where doing and I defiantly did not have any idea what they
where looking at on my computer. I looked around at stores and
on the web to see what was the best thing I could do to protect
myself. I had enough of being attacked by all of these harmful
things, and though it was time to fight back. So I found one
that I really liked, and it took away all of my problems. It
even protected me again future attacks. It gave me instructions
on how to stop attacks from happing. I scan my computer with
this spyware remover now at least once a week that is what I
would recommend doing. If you are still not sure if you computer
is effected. Pleas look at the following signs.

Popup Adds Computer runs slower then is should See new toolbars
in your browser window Your homepage changes Get spam Strange
software loads up on your computer at startup Your favorites
menu now has different things in there

If you see any of these happening on your computer you are most
likely infected with adware, spyware, Trojans, a spybot,
hijacker. Do you know what these can do to your computer? Then
can track date that you enter into your computer like address,
bank account numbers, credit card numbers, and much more. They
can see what sites you visited so they can display annoying
popup adds on your computer that have to do what you researched
last online. Do not worry I was in your position once. That is
why I am telling you all this important information and telling
you what helped me take back control of my computer. I bought a
spyware remover program and I haven’t seen any popups, spyware,
hijackers come back since I starting using it.


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