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Fighting Spam With Google’s Gmail

  • Posted April 19, 2006
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Spam sucks; there is no doubt about it.

There is nothing worse for me than checking my e-mail in the
morning before work while trying to enjoy my coffee and what do
I see in my Inbox? Nothing but penis enlargement and Viagra ads.
As a man I find this terribly offensive; as if my man-hood was
being directly attacked.

But not to worry. I found a solution that has been working great
for me. I switched to Gmail, the new e-mail service offered by
Google. Gmail has many wonderful attributes, including over
2500MB of storage, the ability to send up to 10MB of
attachments, the ability to choose whether you want images
displayed or not, and the automatic depiction of e-mailed
photos. Not to mention that the service is also free!

But one of the greatest things about Gmail that I have
experienced so far is their spam filter. Gmail’s spam filter
catches nearly all spam that gets sent to me. If a spam e-mail
happens to get by, then there is a convenient “report spam”
button on the top of the menu which allows me to designate the
undesirable messages as spam.

Another advantage of Gmail is its ease of use. You can “star”
important e-mails, create labels and filters and, best of all,
you can search your e-mail messages. How many times have you
remembered you received some key message in an e-mail but you
cannot remember the date or who sent it? But you do remember it
was about a certain keyword. No problem! Type the keyword into
the Gmail search and it will automatically find the e-mail for

Another great thing is the ease in which Gmail allows you to
select ALL MESSAGES in the spam box and delete them in one fell
swoop. What is also great about Gmail is that once you report an
e-mail as spam you will rarely receive another spam e-mail from
that particular sender; it’s that good.

So what is the draw back? Well, currently Gmail is still in beta
and not available to the public. However, current users of Gmail
can invite new people to sign up for a Gmail account. So, what
you need to do is find a friend who has Gmail and ask them to
invite you to Gmail.

If you don’t know anybody with Gmail, then you can post a
comment on my blog Spam
Watch, and I will send you an invitation to Gmail. Of
course, I have a limited number of Gmail invitations and will
not be able to invite everyone to the service, but I will do the
best I can.

If all else fails, start asking around at work, as well as your
family and friends. Someone you know is bound to have a Gmail
account and they can e-mail you an invitation. It is totally
free and totally worth it.


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