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How NOT To Appear Like A Spammer

  • Posted April 19, 2006
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Unless you use the Internet only for surfing and never use your
email address you’ve probably received something that is called

There are different definitions for spam but I will say that
spam is unsolicited email commercial. Many people harvest other
people’s email addresses on email and web forums and send them
info that they didn’t request. This is very frustrating because
you loose your precious time deleting those unwanted messages.

In this article I will explain how NOT to appear like a spammer.


If you have an email newsletter it is very important that you
don’t appear like a spammer. If you want to stay long in email
publishing business your newsletters have to be based on opt-in
method. It means that a subscriber chose to receive your
newsletter and that you have their permission to send them your
newsletter. It is called Permission Marketing. I would suggest
that your list be double opt-in. Now what is double opt-in?

Double opt-in means that your subscribers have to confirm their
request to join your list. Confirmation is done by replying to
the message that you send to everyone who had initiated
subscription. Beside replying, people can confirm their request
by clicking on a certain link. This ensures that one person
can’t subscribe another person against his or her will. Also,
never buy so called opt-in lists and also never sell or rent
your members base.

Welcome message

I would suggest you that you ask your new subscribers to save
your welcome message. There you can put the necessary info about
your list and list management: list description,
subscribe/unsubscribe address, digest address, owner’s email
address, list rules…

This is important because of the following. Many people promote
their newsletter for some time, until they get enough
subscribers and then publish the first issue. However, it is
most likely that someone who had subscribed to your list several
months ago forgot that he or she actually requested to be a
member of your list. And then, they can accuse you that you are
a spammer. If they save a welcome message they can see that they
required to be your subscribers.

Subject line

Subject line is very important in email newsletters. Beside,
>From field it is the most important thing for someone to decide
whether to open your newsletter or not. I would suggest that
your subject line consists a title of your article, issue number
and date. If your From or To field doesn’t consist your list
name than you should put your list name in Subject line, too.
Preferably in brackets. If you have your subscriber’s first name
in your database you should definitely put their name as the
first thing in the Subject line. Then it is more likely that
they will open your newsletter. Never use spam techniques like
putting Re: at the beginning of your Subject line so that people
think that they sent you an email and you are sending them your
reply. Nobody is fool.


Many people use email programs with powerful email filter
options. Many people set their filters to delete messages with
get-rich-quick-schemes, porn and similar content so it is wise
that you don’t put that kind of text in your messages if you
want that people read it. Also, don’t capitalize your words like

I wouldn’t suggest that you use this or similar words in the
first place beacuse these words are often used by spammers.

If you have an option that in To field be your subscriber’s
email address and not, for example your list name, that would be
ideal because some mail washer programs automatically flag
messages which don’t have a recipient email address as possible

List management

Always provide very clear information regarding list management
in your newsletter. Very important thing is that your list
management provides very easy way of unsubscribing. For example,
some email newsletters have at the very bottom an unique
unsubscribe address for every subscriber. It can be something
like [email protected] This way,
your subscribers can unsubscribe only with one click and they
don’t have to worry if they sent unsubscription request from
address which is in your subscriber list. Good list management
is, also, useful because you won’t loose your time explaining to
your subscribers how to do something, for example unsubscribe or
set receiving messages in digest mode.

Also, it is wise that if you use advanced email marketing
software like Group Mail to include important information about
your subscribers in every issue of your email newsletter. In
other words, to personalize your newsletter.

For example, you can make a section at the beginning of your
email newsletter where you will write several lines so that your
subscriber see that he or she really chose to be your
subscriber. Many email marketing software have an option to
include a code in your issue that will be automatically parsed
after sending so the subscriber will see his or her info.

Something like this: _____________________ MEMBERS SECTION Your
name: !*COMPLETE_NAME*! Member since: !*MEMBER_SINCE*! From IP
address: !*IP_ADDRESS*! _____________________

And in your Editor’s Section you can start your writing with:


That’s why personalization is very important.

At the end, you can read several spam messages and – do the
opposite in your email newsletter.


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