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SPAM, Spam & more SPAM

  • Posted April 19, 2006
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SPAM, AND NOTHING BUT SPAM. by Gillian Tarawhiti, Community
Training Centre, For the
new and possibly the old netpreneurs SPAM is the common term for
electronic ‘junk mail’ – unwanted messages sent to a persons’
email account or mobile phone. The SPAM act (CAN-SPAM ACT,
unsolicited commercial electronic message(s). The act covers
email, instant messaging, SMS (mobile phone text messaging) and
MMS (mobile phone graphic messaging). Under the SPAM act all
commercial electronic messages must meet the following
conditions. Any message that doesn’t meet all three of these
conditions is defined as SPAM. 1.You must have CONSENT 2.You
must IDENTIFY yourself 3.You must provide a way to unsubscribe
If we use this forum as an example of all three, you will find
that in order to gain access to this forum in terms of posting.
You had to complete a registration that in part advised that you
agreed to certain terms and conditions. In doing so you
EXPRESSED CONSENT. By registering to this forum you have also
IDENTIFIED yourself beit as a non-de-plum In terms of
unsubscribing, every email that you receive from this forum has
a unsubscribe in it, also you have an ‘ignore’ facility which in
part as the same effect. COMMERICIAL ELECTRONIC MESSAGE To
decide whether an electronic message is ‘commercial’, the Act
looks at all of the following: •the content of the message •the
way in which the message is presented; and •any links, phone
numbers or contact information in the message RAMIFICATIONS OF
SPAM TO YOU! If you have been accused of SPAM activities you
will be asked to prove that you have not committed the offence.
If you are unsuccessful in that approach you IP (Internet
Provider) will withdraw all services to you i.e. close your
website. If you are using an autoresponder to hold your
subscriber list and are sending messages via that service, your
autoresponder will automatically suspend your account unless you
can prove your innocence. Penalties for breach of the Act range
up to $1.1 million per day; the legislation also allows for the
making of orders for spammers to relinquish profits and pay
compensation to spam victims. So in short, there are 3 things
that can keep you in the clear of such violations. 1.Get Consent
- Expressed or Inferred 2.Identify yourself 3.Provide a way for
people to unsubscribe from receiving further emails Before I
finish this article, I would like to add that this is just a
brief overview of the act and that it would be in your best
interest to actually read and implement the practices.


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