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The Harvesters Part 1

  • Posted April 20, 2006
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The Harvesters – Part 1 by Laurie Rogers Copyright 2001

Before you start reading this article, I need to clear something
up. We’re not talking about the people that gather in the fall
to pick all those luscious goodies out of gardens every year! I
am sorry to disappoint you, I am sure that would have made for a
pretty interesting topic, and they probably do not get the
credit they deserve. But I have something a lot MORE exciting to
talk about. 

Today, we’re going to talk about all of the wonderful folks who
LOVE to go around picking email addresses! You must know who I
am talking about now? They all have nothing better to do, so
they roam around the internet and hit every web site, ezine and
newsletter, opt-in list, safe -list, discussion group or board,
classified and FFA online, to gather as many email addresses as
they possibly can!

You really have to give them credit, because harvesting email
addresses takes talent to do, not to mention brains! I can’t for
the life of me imagine how stressful a “business” like that must
be. “Well today was a bad day, I ONLY got 17,369 addresses”. You
have to feel sorry for him don’t cha? He must be having a hard
time grasping the concept! He’d better start learning from the

Attention Harvesters!

Learn how to gather 6 million email addresses in 24 hrs or 
LESS. Each prized manual is FULL of inside secrets from TOP
Leaders in the INDUSTRY.

*CON ton’s of innocent people into buying thousands of email
addresses from you EVERY day! 

*Reap the rewards in the FINE art of SPAMMING

*Discover all the benefits of using FAKE email addresses

*Learn HOW to send email from someone elses ISP

*Techniques to cheat publishers out of FREE ads every day
(you’ll NEVER pay for ads again!)

You’ll learn ALL this and MORE for ONLY $49.95 

But WAIT … there’s more, act today and receive this amazing
FREE bonus: 

OVER 2,000 excuses to use IF you get caught! Including; “I’m new
online and I do not know much about how this marketing stuff
works.” AND the ever so popular .. “Can I add you to my mailing
list and you can add me to yours?”

Order NOW cause we CAN’T offer this deal for much longer!

What on earth are these people thinking? Are they new? Are they
just plain STUPID? I’m not even going to ask where their morals
are. I think what really get’s us going is, how nice it is to
have so much time on their hands, and so graciously grant
themselves the right to HARVEST and then, SELL our email
addresses! What do they do wake up and decide, “well I think
I’ll start harvesting email addresses”?

What would make anyone stoop to that level? You can’t tell me
they’re bored, because there are tons of things to do online. I
personally keep asking for an extra 4 or 5 hours added to the
day just so I can get MY work done on time! I guess I just don’t
get it. (Oh but I do get their spam and TON’S of it, which is
the reason WHY I need those extra 4 to 5 hours added to MY busy


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