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Spam Cop… Public Servant Or Self- Proclaimed GOD!!

  • Posted April 20, 2006
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Everyone on the internet is concerned about the prevalence of
unsolicited email, AKA spam.

I understand their concern, but there has to be a better way to
handle the situation than through the bully tactics of elitist
groups such as Spam Cop.

I’ve been a target of their guilty until innocent tactics and no
matter how many times I prove that I’ve spammed no one they
twist the situation into it being my fault.

They remind me of the Spanish Inquisitors torturing “heretics”
at the stake, the truth be damned. They twist the wording of
emails to make any answer wrong.

I don’t know how in a country like America where we’re innocent
until proven guilty, it is just the opposite with the IRS and
Spam Cop.

It’s like an analyst asking a patient if they still hate their
mother. There is no possible way to answer correctly.

It’s time for marketers to wake up to the fact that anyone is
their target. They can cause you more hassles and affect your
business for any reason or no reason.

Where are the advocates of free speech? Where are the advocates
of free enterprise?

Wake up marketers, you could be next. You could be the next one
attacked by the Spam Cop McCarthyism. Don’t take your liberty
for granted.

The internet is still experiencing growing pains and for some
reason these individuals have appointed themselves as the
internets version of Hitler’s Brown Shirts.

I refuse to cave in to these elitists who feel it’s their duty
to tell me how I’m in the wrong no matter what the proof to the

The media already controls the air waves. The internet is one of
the only bastions of free expression left for the average

Don’t let freedom of speech and free enterprise go onto the
endangered species list because of these self – appointed

I will not go quietly and I hope you feel the same way.

If I wanted to be controlled by a dictator I’d move to Iraq.

Since I live in America, I still expect due process and I refuse
to cave in to faceless terrorists.

Let freedom ring.

Wishing You Success, John


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