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Free Viral Marketing: How To Make It Work For You

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There are a few steps required to guarantee millions of website
hits and inflate your viral email list. This can all be done for

Let’s see what we have to do to get the hits and build the list
in the next 30 days.

Step 1:

Find at least two free viral marketing websites to join and
write an article with URL that you are trying to promote
embedded inside. I am a member of the following:

Viral Mailing:

Free Viral:

Step 2:

Find at least two traffic exchange sites to join. I am a member
of the following:

Traffic Swarm:

Toolbar Traffic:

Now add the URLs for Step 1 and then surf for credits on each of
the traffic exchange sites.

Step 3:

Now take the article written in Step 1 and submit it to many,
many, many FREE article directories and article announcement
groups. These directories and groups can easily be found using
Google to search for the terms “article directories” and
“article announcement groups”. Submit article to at least 85
directories and groups. That is 85 each.

Step 4:

Return to all of the websites joined in Step 1 and submit your
article as your first message or you can submit this article.
Just remember to change the URLs in Step 2.

Step 5:

Wait a week or two, then start sending advertising to your ever
growing email list.


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