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How To Get Tons Of Traffic To Your Website – For Free!

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If you have a website you need traffic, that’s obvious. But how
do you get it? In the next few paragraphs I will outline a
strategy that will help you to achieve tons of the best traffic
- targeted search engine traffic – and all for free! Let’s first
of all look at some ways in which you can approach the subject
of obtaining traffic for your website.

1. You can buy visitors. There are hundreds of websites out
there who will sell you visitors. You can have 100,000 visitors
delivered to your site in 30 days. The trouble with this is that
the visitors haven’t asked to see your site and will probably
leave immediately and it costs money.

2. You can pay to have your site optimised for the search
engines. This can help but it can be very expensive.

3. You can use pay-per-click advertising. This can be effective
but if you are in a competitive category it can be work out very

The methods above all have two things in common – their
effectiveness can be doubtful and they cost money.

What if there was an alternative? A way to obtain a high search
engine ranking and have hundreds, if not thousands, of other
websites send you traffic by the ton, all for free?

Well, such an alternative exists.

Before I tell you what it is, let me say a few words about link
popularity. It is well known that the major search engines will
regard your site as being more important and your rankings will
therefore increase, if you are seen to have large numbers of
incoming links from websites that are themselves regarded as

Now, some websites have thousands of pages of keyword-rich
content. They have high rankings and are favoured by the search
engines. Just the sort of sites that you would want to get free
traffic from and have your links on, am I right?

Well, you can!

What’s more, these websites will allow you to hitch a ride off
their massive traffic, top search engine placements and let you
advertise on hundreds of web pages, all for free! What are these
wonderful philanthropic, traffic-generating websites and how can
you take advantage the opportunities that they offer?

These websites are Article Directories. There are around 100 of
them containing thousands of articles in dozens of different
categories. How does this help you?

It’s a two step process.

Step 1. Pick a topic and write an article about it. Choose
something that is relevant to your own website.

Step 2. Submit your article to all the top online article
directories, announcement lists and to other ezine publishers
and webmasters.

What happens next?

When your article is published by the Article Directory sites
you will have a link from a popular and important site.

As other sites pick up your article and republish it you will
have links from them.

Readers of your article will visit your main site as a result of
the link in your resource box.

The search engines will discover these links from your article
to your website. These inward links should boost your site’s
rankings, resulting in yet more traffic.

All this from just one article! And why stop there? Write an
article a week or a month or whatever you can manage, and you
will soon have your links spread all over the internet, bringing
in more and more traffic.

Submitting your articles to Article Directories by hand can be
done but it is time consuming. Time that would be better spent
writing more articles! Not only that but there is a good chance
that you would miss out on several good sites for your article.
I would suggest and recommend that you automate this part of the
process. A good place to start is to visit Here you will be
able to submit articles in the knowledge that you are not
missing out any important sites and also that you are complying
with their submission policies.

I hope you will give this strategy a try. You have nothing to
lose but could gain a great deal!

George Cuthbert Save valuable time, money
and effort, and start using our free article directory today!


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