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A New Race Has Appeared on Earth

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A New Race Has Appeared on Earth

They are the Indigo children. Indigo children’s immune systems
are many times stronger than that of an average human. This will
enable them to survive the coming plague that has been sent to
Earth via a chicken.

These people are here now. They do not advertise their presence.
When the time for them to act arrives the Viral Marketing system
that they are setting up will have given those who need to know
all the information they need. They will not need to refer to
any conventional marketing sources for information. Through the
Astral Body and Role Playing they are being kept informed.

A pretty little girl who lives deep in the heart of Latvia
enjoys talking. She talks nonchalantly about her nightly travels
across the Universe in an Astral body. Her father is quick to
make a request: “Please pay no attention to what she is talking
about, she just loves making things up.” In his heart he knows
that what he says is not true. It is hard for him to admit to
himself that she is a member of the new race that will replace

The father is not surprised to find out that his daughter has
been aware of the notion of Astral bodies since she was five. He
loves his daughter very much. He always knows what is wrong when
he asks her for help repairing his old tractor. “I do not know
how she does it but she is always knows what is wrong with the
machine,” he says. The story seems familiar. Here is another
case of an Indigo child, a phenomenon that has become common

Beware the Theet O Vac.

The year 2012 has special significance for the Indigo children.
According to predictions of the Maya, the so-called “Great
Transition” will be taking place in 2012 after the Sun and Earth
form a straight line pointing to the center of the Galaxy. The
above position will trigger the demise of the 3-D model of the
world. The earth dwellers will be given the opportunity to live
in a 4-D world. But the offer applies only to those whose mind
has expanded to an essentially new level – the Indigo children!

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