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Simple Tips for Creating a Good Book Poster

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Posters can be a great and inexpensive way to promote your
book. But don’t rush right out until you know the key items to
include on your poster.

The Title and Author’s name

Make sure to have a bigger font than the rest of your poster to
bring attention to the title and author of the book. This may be
the only aspect of the poster they remember.

ISBN, Where to Purchase, Price, Pages and Cover

Be up front with where customers can purchase your book.
Including the ISBN number can also help with searching for your
book on line. Many times a customer will look for the price and
become annoyed at having to search for it and how many pages the
book contains. When having your book cover on your poster, you
want it to be as clear and sharp as possible.

The Facts

Be straight forward on what your book is about. Mystery may
entice a reader, but clear facts are more likely to progress to
a sell if your content is what the customer is looking for.


It’s a good idea to show blurbs of your favorable book reviews
both customer and editorial.

Optional Items

A photo of yourself- Sometimes customers feel better buying with
a face in mind, but this sometimes can backfire.

Table of Contents- This part may become very long on your
posters so perhaps partial view of the TOC would be best.

Contact/Homepage- Your customers may have questions, please keep
in mind that this could lead to spam. Directing others to your
homepage would be a better option. Treat your e-mail as if it
were your phone number.

Don’t forget to make sure your poster is printed on good quality
paper with rich ink. Good luck!


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