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A Beginner’s Guide to Online Social Marketing, PART 2

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Online Social Marketing: A  Brief Recap

In our previous article post, we defined online social  marketing as “A form of Internet  marketing which seeks to achieve branding and marketing communication goals  through the participation in various social media networks.” We then  examined the goals of online social marketing using sites such as Facebook,  Twitter, Digg, YouTube, LinkedIn and the hundreds more out there in the virtual  ether. These covered aspects such as increased web traffic, a greater lead  conversion rate, increased business exposure and a positive brand association.  Online social marketing also enables enterprises to effectively manage their  reputation, which is an indispensible tool for any business, regardless of size  and industry. In this article, the second installment of a three-part series,  we shall begin discussing the various elements necessary to create an effective  and successful online social marketing strategy so that you – a business owner  – can reap the maximum benefits from your time investments in social media.

How to Use Online Social  Marketing to Promote Your Business

Let’s approach this conceptually: marketing is about making  people aware of your business and the products and services it offers. It’s  about convincing people to patronize your business because they believe that  the quality or cost-effectiveness of said products and services are desirable  over and above that of your competitors. Online social marketing is therefore  the same in principle, but the strategies necessary to reach your end goals are  different. The bottom line here is (1) attracting a greater number of visitors  to your business website and (2) making your target audience aware not only of  your existence, but of your status as an industry leader. So how does one  achieve this with online social marketing?

  1. Seek to Assist

Online social marketing is about appealing directly to each  individual (or at least making them feel this way) rather than an amorphous and  monochromatic target group. This can be done effectively by not using your social media accounts to waffle on about your brand and how awesome  it is, but rather by using it as a platform from which to provide ways to help  people. Include links to useful resources and tips that’ll help your potential  customers better themselves. For example, if you are an arts supply shop, perhaps  post a link to an instructive site on painting techniques, or the details of an  important exhibition. If you’re a dentist, you can post blogs about how to  maintain an excellent standard of oral health or hygiene; or simply refer  potential patients to other health websites. There are loads of helpful and  informative websites out there; find them and use your social media to provide  pathways to them. Your viewers will:

  1. Remember you,
  2. Regard you as helpful, which in turn  builds a positive reputation
  3. Will probably return to your website next  time they want assistance
  4. Are far more likely to come to you if  they ever require a product or service you provide

And this is the very goal of online social marketing!

  1. Strategize! The Process is as Important as the End-Goal!

Achieving your goals using online social marketing is most  effectively done by strategizing and planning the course of action you wish to  take. You’re not going to get anywhere by simply establishing 100 profiles on  100 different social media websites. How do you plan to manage your accounts?  How are you going to appeal to your target audience using these sites?  Understand your goals and intimately plan your process. Otherwise, considering  the vast number of social media and networking sites out there, jumping  head-first into online social marketing can prove about as useful as shouting  against thunder.

Online Social Marketing:  Stay Tuned

For more information  on how online social marketing can greatly increase your web traffic, lead  conversion and sales, stay tuned for the third installment of this five-part  series.



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