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A brief review of nano materials

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In the field of physics, chemistry and biology, many principles has been used in the form of large, or macro materials. Within the few decades, the scientists have opened the whole world of nanoparticles to use the real function of these tiny substances. For those who do not know – nanoparticles are nothing but the ultra fine particle with at least one dimension between 1-100 nanometers.

Identification of such substances is very easy. You can find it through its smallest identifiable pieces that usually taken from material to indicate the “nano” prefix, meaning one billionth so one nanometer is approximately one billionth of a meter. Well, it is too small that, it is not visible to the human eye need you using high-powered microscopes to see these nano substances.

Well, these particles itself are made up of the material’s strongest and most distinguishing properties means the behavior of such particles are completely different from the larger-sized, macro materials found in nature, means the physical or chemical reactions is more powerful than that of a macro material, that certainly the reason that many scientists seem more interested toward it.

Well, these nanoparticles come in many varieties such as silica nanoparticles; gold nanoparticles etc and these are widely available at various online In the field of physics, chemistry and biology, many principles has been used in the form of large, or macro materials. Within the stores. Well, you can use silica nanoparticles for your requirement just from the leading website at

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Brown Moore is a scientist and a passionate writer. In this article she tries let you acquaint with Nano particle or say, high purity aluminum oxide its properties.


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