Nowadays, technological advancements have clearly made their mark in basically all the professional industries we have today. One of the areas where its impact has been really felt is in the health care industry. Every single medical equipment you see nowadays has gotten a significant upgrade over its previous version just a few years earlier. Technologically advanced healthcare equipment has become so abundant nowadays that several doctors around the world would, as much as possible, prefer these instruments to be present on every hospital that calls for their assistance. These medical equipment supply, when used at home for elderly or bedridden care, is referred to as Home Medical Equipment HME or Durable Medical Equipment DME.

Creating upgrades for certain healthcare equipment that usually include X-Ray machines, oxygen tanks, standard wheelchair, lasers, blood pressure measurement devices, electrocardiogram, Holter monitors, mechanical ventilators and even imaging machines ultrasound, CT scan, MRI and PET has become a really common perk among those who make use of Home Medical Equipment Supply. The one thing all of the above mentioned equipment share in common is that they are being used to detect possible life-threatening conditions that a common routine clinic visit will not be able to see.

Below is a brief categorization of the different Durable Medical Equipment being utilized by doctors and other medical professionals on a day to day basis.

Home Medical Equipment for bedside care

These types of Durable Medical Equipment are the ones often used for patients who are bedridden who are unable to perform normal activities without being given assistance by anyone. These include the hospital bed, bed trapeze bar, safety bar and safety grip all of which are found within or near bedside.

Home Medical Equipment for bathroom safety

Since it is quite hazardous for elderly and/or disabled people to use the bathroom due to an often wet floor, durable healthcare equipment for bathroom use can also be made use of. These include the bath safety showerhead, bath safety hand held shower, safe toilet seats, back sponge, bath safety mats and bath safety chairs.

Home Medical Equipment for immobilization purposes

For those who have suffered crippling injuries, temporary or permanent, should benefit from the use of immobilizers. These devices hold an extremity or any part of your body in a medically prescribed position in order to speed up the healing process. These mostly include orthopedic braces brace for leg and brace for arm and slings shoulder slings and slings for arms.

Home Medical Equipment for walking assistance or for moving around

Home Medical Equipment like these are used most particularly by those who are unable to walk. Since assistance from other people wont be available at all times, these healthcare equipment will help them go wherever they like around the house. Classic examples for these are the standard wheelchair, electric wheelchair, medical crutches, safety walker, rollators and cane walker for those less severe cases.

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